The Italian Institute for Privacy and Data Valorisation (IIP) is a center of studies and advocacy funded by private subjects (individuals, associations, law firms and even multinational companies). The European Commission (within the Program Horizon2020 for the Privacy Flag project), is also dedicated to the issues of protection and enhancement of personal data, information and identity in the global ICT company.


The Institute involves and connects qualified Italian privacy law specialists, but is also connected among significant representatives of public and private sectors who work daily with sensitive personal data. Operating as a think tank, IIP is a point of reference for Italian “new law” experts and various players in high-tech markets.


The Institute uses its website as the main action point where the contributions of its fellow and other researchers are published. Including a newsletter, containing the main news and analysis on the evolution of privacy issues within Italy and in the world.

IIP organizes public open conferences and closed workshops quarterly and, if possible, in partnership with national and European universities to encourage the training of professionals, and raise awareness among non-professionals, involving market operators or public institutions. These meetings consistently are broadcasted on web-tv and web-radio, through the Institute’s portal, thus creating an available download to be viewed in streaming.

Among other activities, we include an intense production of articles and various forms of interventions for different media-partners (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, web). The publication of the Scientific journal “Law, Economics, Privacy Technologies”, is within the direct publication of privacy books by the Institute, and is to be added in the future along with the assignment of scholarships on a six-month basis within the field of ICT law following criteria established by the Scientific Committee and according to the financial resources that are available and deliberated for each exercise.