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The 2018 registrations to IIP are open. Here you can find all the information to join, addressed both to individual experts and to Italian and multinational companies for which the data, and its protection, is a real asset to be valued and protected.

Naturally, the membership is extremely useful for all lawyers and experts in this field, but also for the legal and institutional relations offices of companies that will collaborate with ICT data and technology everyday.

Seminars, in-depth analysis, shared elaborations of policy proposals and new regulations to be submitted to the public are crucial to make Italy a truly privacy and business friendly country.

In 2017-2018, light of the definitive approval of the European Privacy Regulation, in-depth seminars are planned and they are dedicated to IIP members, in order to assist them to prepare for the compliance to the new legislation. Many initiatives are planned, with a focus on privacy and data protection: Big Data, the Internet of Things, privacy and children, cyberbullying, data processing in the marketing field.

In addition, our focus will also be dedicated to:

– regulatory issues in electronic communications;
– digital identity (SPID system);
– freedom and pluralism of information;
– defense of intellectual property;
– digital healthcare;
– digital rights of children;
– open data and reuse of public databases;
– transparency and the right to be forgotten.

The Italian Institute for Privacy is an autonomous and independent organization based on individual voluntary contributions. We also gladly receive sponsorships or donations from market players without being influenced and never renouncing our impartiality and the quality of scientific and regulatory proposals. To be a sponsor of the Institute or an event, contact us at


Fellow member, only natural persons, for the year 2018: 100.00 euros – This procedure is not immediate, the application is finalized together with the applicant’s scientific work and curriculum vitae, from there the applicant’s profile is reviewed and approved by the board whom which decides on admission or rejection. To apply: Have you passed the selection? Now register by bank transfer to the account in the name of the Italian Institute for Privacy – IBAN –

SUSTAINER MEMBER (also companies, organizations or associations) year 2018: this procedure is immediate, just pay € 1000.00 or the amount required (*below are the fees according to the size of the company or organization)
by bank transfer on the account in the name of: Italian Institute for Privacy – IBAN – IT66A0308301609000000003686

* Companies / Organizations: annual variable fees:

Up to € 500,000 in turnover: € 1000
over € 500,000 in turnover: € 10,000

* MERITORIOUS MEMBERS: Each registration fee of over 10,000 euros is called “cloud fee” and entitles you to join as a Meritorious Member.

Special reductions may be decided by the Executive members taking into account the Particular prestige or scientific contribution of the Supporting Member .

The membership as Supporting Member also gives the company/institution:
– direct contact with the working groups and the experts of the Institute and the ability to request summary opinions at any time;
– access to seminars reserved for members;
– the free subscription to the Journal Law Economics and Technologies of Privacy;

– free access to the analysis, documents and insights developed by the Institute on the most important privacy issues.