• On October 17th IIP and la Valorizzazione dei Dati hosted an event entitled "DATA UT DES?", a conference on privacy and the business of online data. The event focused on privacy in the context of the digital economy. #
  • Yesterday IIP President Luca Bolognini's letter on WCIT-12 and the risks that it presents to liberty and privacy entitled "Internet Rischia di Perdere Libertà e Privacy, nel Nome Della Sicurezza Globale Delle Comunicazioni" was published in the Italian newspaper La Stampa. #
  • Analysis: Data security – the 93 per cent solution - Piecemeal, ill-conceived and outdated IT and data security strategies are leaving businesses open to attack and almost half of large organisations admit they are failing to comply with data protection (DP) legislation. Read More #
  • Google Drive Privacy: 4 Misunderstood Facts- Privacy and security questions have bedeviled the launch of Google's new online file-storage service. Ignore the hype and consider these four key facts. Read More #
  • The CISPA Cybersecurity Bill Is No SOPA, but It's Bad Enough- Congress' latest stab at a cybersecurity bill is getting flak from many people: civil libertarians, experts who say it doesn't do enough to address real problems and, as of yesterday (April 25), the White House. Some groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as well as the hacktivist movement Anonymous, are trying to rally opposition to the bill on the Internet and in Silicon Valley, hoping to repeat their successful campaign against the Stop Online Piracy Act. Read More #

Italian Institute for Privacy

The Italian Institute for Privacy is a public policy think tank dedicated to the protection of privacy in the digital age.

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luglio 1, 2013
eHealth in the Cloud: Instructions for Use Conference
giugno 20, 2013
Dr. Paolo Balboni, IIP Cloud Computing Sector Director to Participate in the European Union Cloud Strategy
maggio 8, 2013
Health and privacy: the Italian Institute for Privacy to participate in the National AIIC Conference
aprile 8, 2013
IIP at the Online Privacy Conference 2013 in Malta
marzo 11, 2013


Podcast: Luca Bolognini, presidente IIP, su Radio 24 a proposito di call center e privacy (Italian)
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Podcast: A Victim of Identity Theft Speaks Out:
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