• Google and Facebook Cases, the Italian Institute for Privacy -  We see a sort of schizophrenia in the European approach taken in recent weeks both towards privacy and the freedom of information. In particular, CNIL in its position in the Google-right to be forgotten case and the European Court of Justice opinion on Facebook and privacy between the EU and the US. Luca Bolognini, lawyer and President of the Italian Institute for Privacy and Data Valorization, explains: “On the one hand, we see the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL), with the de-listing imposition it placed on Google, calling for the cancellation of news and data on all domains of the global search engine instead of only the European ones under the right to be forgotten and Advocate General Bot in the European Court of Justice opinion concerning Facebook with his request to invalidate the Safe Harbor program governing EU-US privacy standards,  both seemingly aspiring to the ‘ultra-territoriality’ of European privacy rules. On the other hand, the French Data Protection Authority and the Advocate General of the CJEU seem to further a model of ultra-decentralized monitoring and control of the application of those rules, thus following an approach which is essentially ‘nationalist’, even advocating the prevalence of individual European state decision-making power in these matters in stark contrast to the ongoing legislative initiatives of the European Commission. This is worrying and denotes a form of legal schizophrenia because in the greater game of digital innovation, the protection of privacy and the freedom of information, Europe must act as a single and coordinated block, avoiding contradictory signals which might damage it, and it must especially avoid spreading the idea of a place where the law is uncertain and subject to various conflicting interpretations of each individual State.” Lucio Scudiero, a researcher at the Italian Institute for Privacy adds a concern with regard to the dangers of this approach for the freedom of information: “If we remove the Eurocentric lenses that we put on each morning for a moment, perhaps we would find that affirming the principle by which you can ask Google to censor the existence of certain facts and data anywhere in the world is something that could backfire against the freedom of expression that we aim to protect. What would happen if such a principle were to be endorsed by the authorities of despotic and anti-democratic countries? By what political and moral legitimacy could Europe, in that case, challenge a principle that itself advocates?” #
  • THE EFFECTS OF SEARCH ENGINES ON THE PLURALISM OF INFORMATION. Juridical aspects and econometric analysis - A study by the Italian Institute for Privacy and Data Valorization Paper available at:   #
  • EU Data Protection is a free app for mobile devices from the EDPS. It allows you to compare the latest proposed texts for the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation from the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. The app also includes the latest recommendations from the EDPS to the co-legislators. All the texts can be loaded in any given combination to compare them side-by-side (maximum two texts on smartphones due to the limitation of screen size). More info available at:   #
  • On October 17th IIP and la Valorizzazione dei Dati hosted an event entitled "DATA UT DES?", a conference on privacy and the business of online data. The event focused on privacy in the context of the digital economy. #
  • Yesterday IIP President Luca Bolognini's letter on WCIT-12 and the risks that it presents to liberty and privacy entitled "Internet Rischia di Perdere Libertà e Privacy, nel Nome Della Sicurezza Globale Delle Comunicazioni" was published in the Italian newspaper La Stampa. #

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