Conference on data protection

15 Ott Conference on data protection

National commissions for information technology and civil liberties from the 27 EU member states will gather, from 15 to 17 October in Strasbourg, on the occasion of the thirtieth international conference of commissioners for the protection of data and privacy. Europeans are determined to protect private data, while the USA wants less binding standards.

Six-hundred delegates from 70 countries have been announced for this conference on the ‘protection of privacy in a world without borders’.
According to Alex Türk, president of the French Data Protection Commission (CNIL), the Americans consider personal data “as a commercial good,” while for Europeans they constitute “an attribute of the personality,” reports AFP.

“This is the heart of the problem and one day we will need to agree on a common international standard for protection,” he said, while acknowledging that an international convention “is not for tomorrow”.