FCC Pushing for National Broadband

15 Apr FCC Pushing for National Broadband

The John Birch Society, By Ann Shibler, April 14, 2009

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took a step toward a national broadband policy when they opened debate to the public per the broadband development policy requirement in the economic stimulus package that was passed earlier this year. The rhetoric put forth is that every American has a right to high-speed Internet connections regardless of their economic, geographic, or social situation, and that they should have the necessary skills and devices to use the Internet. Acting FCC Chairman Michael Copps says he believes that “real economic and social progress needs to be fueled by both vigorous private enterprise and enlightened public policy.” And he wants to be the one to institute that public policy. The Obama administration’s Susan Crawford, who was an advisor for the Obama transition team, sees public broadband being no different from other utilities: “This is like water, electricity, sewage systems — something that all Americans need in order to succeed in the modern era.”