NFL Scouts Want NFL Prospects ASL on Facebook

NFL Scouts Want NFL Prospects ASL on Facebook, Adam Ostrow, April 10, 2009

We’ve written a lot about how social media can help you find a job. And in some cases, we’ve seen how your misuse of it can cost you one. Now, the NFL is employing a tactic already used by many employers in getting the skinny on job applicants: checking out the social networking profiles of potential draft picks .But they’re doing it in a rather interesting and some might argue unethical way. NFL personnel are setting up Facebook profiles that look to be that of an attractive woman. From there, they send friend requests and messages to the players they are evaluating. If the unsuspecting future NFL star accepts it, suddenly, the teams evaluating them have access to their personal information and photos, which, could raise all sorts of questions about the athlete if they have anything unflattering in their profile.