Second PrivacyOS Conference

10 Apr Second PrivacyOS Conference

8 April, 2009
Meetings between researchers from universities with representatives from industry, data protection authorities, standardizers from W3C and ISO and NGOs to discuss privacy challenges and develop privacy infrastructures represent the idea behind the European Privacy Open Space. The second PrivacyOS event was held in Berlin, 1-3 April at the same time as Re:publica.
As a PrivacyOS project partner, EDRI participated in conference with a delegation of 4 persons representing its members: Andreas Krisch (Vibe!AT, Austria), Leena Romppainen (Electronic Frontier Finland), Ralf Bendrath (Netzwerk Neue Medien, Germany) and Filip Pospisil (Iuridicum Remedium, Czech Republic). Other EDRI members, such as Metamorphosis (Macedonia) are also partners in this project on their own. A huge number of presentations were packed into the three day period, varying from eGovernment development in Austria and Lithuania to UK database state and from Deep packet inspection to eHealth. The presentations will be available from the PrivacyOS web site in the near future.
On the Re:publica side, Stanford Law School professor, founder of Creative Commons and author Lawrence Lessig gave a presentation about copyright issues, illustrating his ideas and urging people to resist the copyright extension being processed in the European Parliament.
Due to the events and presentations being on top of each other, it was impossible to attend everything that was interesting, but PrivacyOS was definitely worth going to for the wide variety of topics, forming contacts and remixing ideas.