YouTube launches ‘safety center’

12 Dic YouTube launches ‘safety center’

CNET News, By Caroline McCarthy, December 11, 2008
From the ‘MySpace suicide’ to hate speech on YouTube, the world of user-generated content has been plagued by plain old nastiness since its early days. That’s why, as part of the Family Online Safety Institute conference in Washington, D.C., YouTube parent company Google has unveiled an “Abuse and Safety” resource guide.  According to a post on the official Google blog, the new section of YouTube’s help center features “straightforward safety tips and multimedia resources from experts and prominent safety organizations” regarding topics like cyberbulling, privacy, spam, and sexual exploitation.  YouTube also says that the resource guide will make it more straightforward to find out how to manage privacy and safety settings.  The dark underbelly of online video was back in the spotlight recently when a Florida teenager used live-streaming service to broadcast his suicide on the Web.