Advertisers group spent $240K lobbying in 3Q

Advertisers group spent $240K lobbying in 3Q, November 12, 2008
NEW YORK (Associated Press) – _ The Association of National Advertisers Inc. spent $240,000 in the third quarter lobbying on data security breaches, warning labels for kids, tobacco advertising and other issues, according to a recent disclosure form. The advertisers group lobbied on various aspects of consumer privacy, such as the sale and purchase of children’s personal data, data security policies, spyware and criminal penalties for failing to provide notice in the event of a data breach. The ANA, whose members include The Walt Disney Co., AT&T Inc., General Electric Co. and McDonald’s Corp., also lobbied on indecent programming, product placements and warning labels on ads for kids’ products that pose a choking hazard. The group also lobbied on giving the Food and Drug Administration authority over advertising for over-the-counter drugs, as well as on provisions of a 3-year moratorium on prescription drug ads and a requirement of fair balance in drug advertising. Besides Congress, the ANA lobbied the Federal Trade Commission and the FCC, according to report filed Oct. 20 with the House clerk’s office