The Enterprise E-Mail Data Sieve

05 Nov The Enterprise E-Mail Data Sieve

Enterprises invest a sizable portion of their IT budgets in ensuring that sensitive data remains secure and inaccessible to individuals in the outside world. However, a tool that most enterprise  employees use daily — e-mail  — can easily become a leak in company’s defensive dam. Businesses can lose vital information through inappropriate employee e-mail activity and inadequate prevention measures. This so-called leaking e-mail poses a growing impediment to keeping sensitive information secure. A study by research firm IDC released in mid-October found that 72 percent of organizations surveyed inNorth America had no solution for preventing data leaks over e-mail. The study further found that 89 of 100 surveyed organizations with more than 500 employees lacked an effective anti-spam solution. Internet security firm Secure Computing commissioned the survey to confirm trends it saw in the market. Concern about e-mail security co-exist with those focusing on malware and phishing attacks, according to Secure Computing. “Only 3 percent of companies surveyed expressed satisfaction with the amount of spam they were getting,” Ken Rutsky, vice president of product marketing for Secure Computing, told TechNewsWorld. The survey found that organizations must focus more efforts in combating e-mail security risks, said Brian Burke, program director for security products at IDC.

Tech News World, By Jack M. Germain, November 4, 2008